Summer 2000 Contents - A MAGAZINE ONLINE - Vol. 2, No. 2
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Editor's Note
Preparing for the Louisiana heat.
Around the South
Easy guide to festivals, many with links.
Reader Forum
Tell us what you think about anything Southern.
Dixie Notes
Late breaking news briefs from around the region.

Cover Story:
Technology Transforms Dixie
Suzi Parker

Online Doesn't Mean Antisocial
Janna Malamud Smith
Voodoo Temple
Flood: An Unnatural Disaster
Fetzer Mills Jr.

Inside a Voodoo Temple

Brooks Boliek
Priestess Miriam Chamani's temple lies behind a nondescript door on Rampart Street. Like most people who seek out Chamani, I was searching for something.
All You Can Eat Art
All You Can Eat Night
Fred Bonnie

Gone with Wind
Fred Bonnie

Thank You, Thank You Very Much:
A Virtual Short Story

Help us write the book on the first communiqué
from extraterrestrial life. What is Elvis doing . . .
in outerspace?   (Rules  |  Story)
Secret Vistas
The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest
Glynn Wilson
Amazingly in the land of 10 million tourists a year, we traveled for miles without seeing another vehicle or a single human being. When we reached the mountaintop, the clouds hung in the lower peaks below us, and just a hint of the late afternoon sun made the higher clouds shine violet.
Smokey Sky
Searching for the South
Timothy Wayne Thornton
Southern Culture
Sinnin' and Fornicatin'
Suzi Parker
Sittin' Purty in an Alabama Front Yard
Angela Gillaspie
R & R
Catching More Than Fish on the Arkansas
Steve Taylor
Eco Front
Environmental Briefs
SEJ Tipsheet
Lab & Field
Otter's Grandchildren, a Tale of Success
Rhonda H. Rucker
In Passing
Fred Bonnie
Staff Reports
Southern Sounds
The Secret Diva of Louise Avenue, Ida Cox
Jack Neely
Cephas and Wiggins, No Boundaries
Brenda Whitehurst Rollins
Yellow Jack
David R. Mark
My Dog Skip, Remembering Willie
Jack Bales

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